12:1 ROI

We took Gtech from a £4m challenger to the £100m category leader it is today


We carried out our DEMAND AUDIT and found:

Department store staff were likely to concentrate on our better-known competitor.

This was causing a blockage in the purchase funnel leading to a significant drop-off in sales - in short, this route-to-market was failing.

By introducing and publicising direct selling channels, we could shorten the path-to-purchase, increase the effectiveness of our communications and impact both sales and margin.


We created a direct sales channel through the Gtech website and recommended sales training for the Gtech call centre.

We used Nick Gray: founder of Gtech and inventor of their cordless range - lending an authentic tone to our communications to increase credibility and keep production costs to a sensible level.

We spent all marketing budget intelligently, focusing on DRTV to create response-led awareness and concentrated all media spend on promoting that route-to-market.

Finally, we increased the rationality of decision-making by taking out the only remaining barrier - postage costs.


Sales increased from £4m to £100m p.a. across a five-year period.

ROI across that five-year period tracked at 12:1.

We became an intrinsic part of Gtech’s marketing strategy.

Won a Thinkbox award for best ongoing use of TV.