So we base everything around setting the pace - in fact, we push harder to go faster where it makes a difference. 

Take our ‘Demand Audit’ as an example. We can find problems in three weeks from receipt of data. We can solve them in five. Be in market in six. From not knowing a problem exists, to making a difference in six weeks. That’s quick enough. 

How do we do it?

Firstly, we built processes around the need - because we agree that traditional agencies’ processes were built for cromalins and ADSL lines , instead of a world where one month of underperformance makes the shareholders nervous, where three months means conversations about redundancies and where a year means a new CEO. 

Sometimes ‘good enough is good enough’. And sometimes it isn’t. 

Our impatience and desire to do things quickly never means a lack of quality. What we understand is the difference between ‘I need the best’ and ‘I need this done and out’. So it’s a question we always ask right at the start. 

An operations team built around pace

In fact, we almost called our Operations Director, the ‘Head of Pace’ - fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, he didn’t like it. Doesn’t mean he’s any less passionate about the principle though. Because his team are here to do one thing, ensure our agency gets faster when it can, slows down when it needs to, but always delivers on time and on budget. Just like we should. 

A studio built to deliver quickly 

We built our studio from the ground up for fast turnaround, so once we’ve produced creative that will transform a client’s business results, we roll out in record time because every day counts when you’re trying to accelerate growth. 

*According to Forbes, the average management horizon amongst FTSE 1000 businesses is three months.